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Let the bells ring!  Muscari whites weddings

For All of Life’s Special Moments

There comes a time in all of our lives when we find that one special person to settle down with and commit to unconditionally. Have you said “yes” to your loved one and are beginning the planning for your big day? Then you’ll definitely need nice floral arrangements for the “I Do” ceremony! At Muscari Whites florist, we’ve got an assortment of options for your special day. 

By choosing Muscari whites to create the flowers for your wedding, first we love to get to know you and your story. We feel that a face to face consultation or over the phone works best.  

We'll talk about how you want your day to feel, look at your Pinterest boards, work out the arrangements and installations perfect for your chosen venue and discuss your colour scheme and dress. 

Good luck with all the planning don't hesitate to get in contact with us on 02084600221 or fill out a short consultation  form below. 

Event arrangements

Top table arrangements- These are down to your unique taste, traditionally you can  have a long runner on the top table. Alternatively there are other options such as jam jars, vases and elaborate designs. 

Pedestals- These are two floral displays that go at the end of the alter. These are not fixed as they can go anywhere you please. 

Wedding arches- This big display creates an opening to the ceremony. Although if you are having an alternative wedding they can be at the top of the alter to give yourself a beautiful back drop with foliage and your colour pallet of flowers.  

Added extras

Cake toppers-  a lovely way to decorate a plain cake is by adding flowers and foliage to make it extra special. 

Thank you bouquets- This is something that you would like to give to your guests at the end of the event. 

Table placements-  These are smaller arrangements that are set at the guests place settings. Each table could have a different colour scheme. 

Chair backs- This is a something a little more subtle instead of pedestals as these are a smaller arrangement that is at the top of chairs. 

Four main areas 

Style - What style are you looking for? Elegant, bold, natural, wild, minimal, classic. 

Colour- Are you going to have a colour pallet? We recommend having a few options to create the perfect look. Normally the colours will be a theme throughout the wedding but there is no rules in a wedding. 

Flowers- Do you have a favourite flower? Having a personal touch to the flower arrangements makes them a little more sentimental. This touch could even be a scent that you love. 

Arrangements- Think about all the arrangements that you would like in your wedding this can be down to small arrangements to large arrangements. For inspiration we recommend Pinterest. 

Personal arrangements

Bridal bouquet- There are some key arrangements when thinking about a bridal bouquet the hand tie, trailing and sheaf bouquet. You can make this unique as you like.

Bridesmaids- These tend to be smaller than the brides but have the theme of the colour scheme. 

Flower girls- For flower girls you can have even smaller bouquets, flower crowns, basket full of petals. Or for a more alternative design having a hoop with a flower arrangement.  

Buttonholes- Worn by the groom, the ushers, page boys, father of the bride and groom, or anyone else you want to be part of the wedding party.

Corsages-  These are traditionally worn by the mother of the bride and the groom's mother but can be worn by anyone that you would like. 

Muscari whites help guide 

A starting guide when thinking about your flower arrangements

To get things started, we always recommend getting the most inspiration from Instagram and Pinterest first.